Robin Smith-Bonner, BA, LSW

Each individual is a work in progress. Each day growing, changing, and experiencing new things. As humans, we are a total of our experiences and our perceptions of them can affect us negatively or positively. I believe that the mind and body connect in such a way that it is imperative that we work to clear our minds of the useless residue from experiences that effect us negatively and cause problems in our lives. My approach is to work with you where you are right now and help you to improve your life to where you want it to be.

I do this by making you aware of the reason why you may have had unsuccessful relationships or avoided them entirely. Also, an explanation why you may have feelings of anger/sadness/guilt and possibly criticizing or blaming others for these emotions.

Anxiety, depression, grief and loss are my areas of concentration, however I am not limited to these areas. Helping you realize your barriers will make change accessible and what will ultimately create a happier you. Start your new beginning today.


Children (5+), Adolescents, Adults
Individuals, Couples