Madlyn Bookatz, MA, LPCC

I am a seasoned psychotherapist who will help you get on track with yourself and in relationships toward a more calm and joyful life. I will use my wisdom, expertise, and insight to guide you to find peace of mind and a better understanding of yourself and others.  With kindness, support, patience and a nonjudgmental approach, we will work together to see your life through a different lens using a cognitive adjustment approach that is direct and solution focused.

Together we will create strategies with a step-by-step process toward achieving your goals based on your presented objectives. There are many ways to get the results you are looking for and I will use my years of experience in understanding the many patterns that people create in their lives in order to   help you understand the pattern that you may be experiencing in your life. I will offer creative approaches that fit your needs and you will receive a formula for personal success and empowerment.

If you are reading this, then you are ready to take the first step, so I welcome you on this journey.


25 plus years of experience working with individuals and couples including teens and families of ALL races, religions, and sex orientation.